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About Us

Who is 1DAATR?

For those of you who don’t know us, or who have not adopted or fostered for us so far, we are a team of volunteers who have seen the atrocities that face the street and stray dogs population in Romania.

Sad hard life of dogs in Romania

A dogs existence in Romania

Dogs in Romania have a hard and terrifying existence. They are frequently abandoned in remote places and left to starve to death. It’s not uncommon for a mum and her babies to be dumped in the forest where they all starve or die of untreated illnesses. People have been known to abandon their pet dogs just as they would abandon rubbish. The dogs that are abandoned on the streets if not maimed or killed on the roads are prime target for the dog catchers who hunt them down and capture them in brutal ways, often injuring them in the process.

The dogs are then thrown into the Public shelter where they are left without any care or medical attention in squalid conditions and with little or no food. Few dogs will survive to adulthood. Many of the stray dogs are not neutered and so it’s a constant round of young bitches in season with the inevitable consequence. They then go on to give birth to puppies, which in their turn go on to have more pups. It is a never ending cycle.

Until a proper neutering campaign is put into place by the Romanian government this dire situation for the poor dogs of Romania will continue.

What happens to dogs in the Public Shelter?

Life in the PS is hard, temperatures vary greatly, from deep snow in winter to a searing, hot 40 degrees in the summer. In the winter there is no heating and dogs die from the cold, often frozen to the ground they laid on for the night. There is no air in the summer, and dogs die from heatstroke and dehydration. 

Puppies, elderly dogs and sick dogs fare the worst in these conditions. The only human company the dogs get is once a week on a Sunday when our Romanian volunteers go in to give them some relief, to clean out the cages, to feed them and to spend a little precious time with each of them.



What we do….

We at 1 dog at a time rescue cannot stand by and do nothing, we have pledged to help where we can. We try to save as many lives in these shelters as we can … we need your help, without you so many more will die. We have our own half way house hotel called Happy Tails where our dogs can acclimatise to life and our volunteers can help them adjust and prepare them for their journey to their new homes. They can recover from the stress of living on the streets or being in the public shelter and spend some much needed time in a safe environment getting regular meals and warmth and that special thing called TLC which is provided by our caring volunteers until the dogs are ready to travel to their new homes in the UK.

 We have a kennels near Milton Keynes( see link below) that helps us by fostering a few of our dogs till they are found their forever homes. All our dogs are fully vaccinated with a pet passport and neutered before going to the kennels . So they are all fit and ready to go to new homes as they become available.         


 We will never post any bad images on our web site or our Facebook page (although there are plenty that we have seen, and photographed), but those images will never appear here as we know those images upset some people and can be frightening for children to see.