Like so many Romanian dogs, Salli didn’t have a good start in life. She spent her first few months by the railway lines with her six siblings, dangerously weaving in and out of passing trains as they scavenged for food.  Sadly, but perhaps inevitably, 3 of the puppies were killed by passing trains, their little bodies left where they fell. 

Thank goodness someone spotted Salli and her 3 surviving sisters and they called our team at Happy Tails who scooped them up and took them to safety.  

After her arrival in the UK Salli was fostered until she found the home of her dreams with Catherine and her family. 

Regular walks, kindness and good food wouldn’t have featured in the harsh brutality of Salli’s life in Romania where abandoned dogs are often treated like vermin.  When they arrive with our adopters it can sometimes take months or even years to gain these dogs’ trust until they realise that no one is going to hurt them anymore. 

We’ll never know what caused Salli to spook when Catherine was taking her for a walk on Southport beach on a beautiful Spring day.   Was it a car hooting or a person shouting in distance?  Who knows?  One minute she was there and then she was gone and, even worse, her flexi lead was still attached. 

Frantic with worry, Catherine contacted the 1 Dog at a Time Rescue Team.   We know what to do in these life and death situations.   First, we contacted the UK’s biggest rescue community, Dog Lost and various other Facebook groups.    Posters were produced and then, through the power of sharing, the word was out that there was a dog that needed to be rescued…… fast!

Salli, who was spotted by overhead drones, was running scared
 and had no intention of being caught
One of the Southport Quads, who with the Southport Lifeboat Crew and the drone controllers
were the heroes of the day

With drones spinning over Southport beach, it took 24 hours before they finally caught sight of Salli in the mud and grass by the pier. She was running scared and had no intention of being caught.   In Salli’s mind, capture in Romania had so often meant pain and cruelty and she was having none of it. So, they had no choice but to call in the ‘big guns’, the Southport Quads and the Southport Lifeboat Crew who relentlessly followed Salli, until finally too exhausted to run any more, she was cornered on the beach one mile north west of the pier.  Safe at last.

Salli being bathed after her return home


Safe at last. Salli having a cuddle with Catherine’s daughter Ella after her scary adventure

Salli 1 

Thankfully, it was a happy ending for Catherine and her family with Salli back at home having a cuddle on the bed with her daughter Ella, but it could have been very different as Jayne Sully explains:

 “Salli was lucky, very lucky to be found safe and well but that’s often not the case.   If any of our adopted dogs escape then please tell us straight away, so that we can put out a call to all the necessary organisations and Facebook friends and contacts in your area.  That way, you stand a much better chance of finding your dog as quickly as possible.    Below are a few tips that may also help if your dog goes missing.”

1 Dog at a Time Rescue

If you have what it takes to transform a Romanian dog’s life then please check out the ‘dogs available’ on our website and get in touch.  As usual, we’re full to bursting at Happy Tails so you won’t just be saving 1 dog, you’ll be freeing space for other desperate dogs waiting to have their lives transformed.

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