Here are a few ideas for last minute Christmas presents to raise money for 1 Dog at a Time Rescue. Don’t forget every purchase will help save more desperate, abandoned pets and street dogs in Romania.

 The 1 Dog at a Time Calendars

 calendar 2018

With each month dedicated to a different dog and lovely pre and post adoption photos, these calendars are a great gift and a heart-warming reminder of 1 Dog at a Time’s essential, life-saving work.   

For your copy please contact Roxy on: 

A gift that promises to mud proof your dog, home and car

With £2 from every purchase going to 1 Dog at a Time Rescue 

Have no fear of the post walk clear up with these snazzy trousers, just snap them on and go.   The brainchild of Harriet Sinfield-Day, founder of the Dog Trouser Company, who came up with the idea following too many muddy experiences with her furry friends in her Dog Hiking Company.


“The dogs and I love our walks, but coming home every day and having to wash, shower them and then wash down my walls, clean and hoover my carpet etc, it was never ending.   Now it’s simple and the dogs, my house and my car stay clean.” 

The trousers are even more tempting for our adopters and supporters as Harriet, who has her own 1 Dog rescue Rommie, Alma, is donating £2 from every pair sold to 1 Dog at a Time Rescue.  She’s also offering a massive 25% discount on pre-Christmas orders placed by our supporters and adopters.


With a unique design, the trousers, which come in red and cameo grey, only cover what really needs covering, are comfortable and do not restrict movement, so your dogs can still run, jump, play and paddle.

 At the end of a walk, the trousers can be popped into the washing machine at a 30-degree cycle or hand-washed, and they dry super quickly …. in time for the next walk.

Durability is good too as the trousers are made from the same lightweight, but exceptionally hardwearing fabric used by round the world yachtsmen. This means that they are water proof and wind proof and even rip proof.   It’s not surprising then that they are proving a bit of a hit with farmers for their working dogs and other dogs living in extreme conditions.     

But it isn’t just dogs ‘living life in the fast lane’ that can benefit, those suffering from allergies and ticks in the long grass or are recovering from surgery will find them invaluable.

 We’re not alone in finding the trousers an inspired idea, so look out for the Dog Trouser Company on a new Channel 4 programme focusing on great business ideas.

If you’re interested, then visit and place your order using the code 1Dog25.  This offer is only open to 1 Dog at a Time Rescue supporters and adopters.

Dedicated to saving abandoned Romanian dogs and finding them loving homes

 1 Dog at a Time Rescue is a UK registered charity (number 1167007)