Another heart rending story of a Romanian dog saved by 1 Dog at a Time Rescue to find happiness and love with her adopters.

Julie hadn’t been looking for a dog when she first saw Peanut, as she put it; “looking through the bars of her horrible cage and I knew that I just had to rescue her.” 

 Peanut in PS

Julie believes that Peanut, who had been lingering in the horrendous public shelter for over 6 months, may have been someone’s pet at some point as she has always been clean, never chewed anything or dug any holes in the garden.

 Overcoming Past Horrors

However, it wasn’t all plain sailing for Julie.  Whether it was on the streets or in the public shelter, Peanut had at some point experienced terrible cruelty and there was the constant shadow of some past torment.  Although her life was filled with kindness and love in her new home, a raised voice, a sweeping broom or even a fly swatter would have Peanut cowering in the corner anticipating, in her mind, the inevitable thump or kick.


Her life transformed, Peanut with her adopter family having a snuggle on the sofa


Today, thanks to Julie and her wonderful family, Peanut’s life has been transformed and it couldn’t be more different from the miserable life she had endured.  With two 1 hour long walks every day, access to the paddock that surrounds her new home, snuggles on the sofa or just being ‘on Peanut Patrol’ to check that no undesirables dare to enter her garden……it’s heaven on earth for one special dog!


On ‘Peanut Patrol’ in her wonderful new home


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If you have what it takes to transform a Romanian dog’s life, then please check out the ‘dogs available’ on our website and get in touch.  As usual, we’re full to bursting at Happy Tails so you won’t just be saving 1 dog, you’ll be freeing space for other desperate dogs waiting to have their lives transformed.

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