More life changing stories of Romanian dogs saved from the depths of despair to find happiness and love with their adopters

For a nation of animal lovers it’s sometimes difficult to conceive that dogs can be regarded as anything other than the loving, companion animals we’re used to here in the UK.   One evening, Stephanie, one of our wonderful adopters, caught a glimpse how life must have been for Daisy, her much loved Romanian dog as she explains in her Facebook post:  


Daisy and Stephanie
Stephanie with Daisy when she first arrived in the UK

“Met a man from Romania tonight when I was walking Daisy. He didn’t believe that I had a Romanian dog.  When I told him that she was from Bistrita and had a Romanian passport, he was really amazed that there are people who are prepared to pay to rescue what he considered to be street rats”.  

 “Admit that I was a little upset.  Daisy is the most adorable, loving, happy dog.  She’s not a street rat, she’s my pudding.” 

“Given what she’d been through she was hard work sometimes, but I had committed to rescuing her and she rescued me right back. Although she can still be a pain in the butt she has become the most wonderful friend.  She is adorable, scruffy and smelly and I am so glad that I rescued her.  


“Thank you 1 Dog for my best friend”

By adopting Daisy from 1 Dog at a Time Rescue, Stephanie had literally saved her life.     It was before we had Happy Tails, our rescue centre in Bistrita and so there was no choice for poor Daisy except the public shelter where only the strong survive.   Here dirt and disease mean that puppies like Daisy, the old or infirm stand little chance of survival. 

Daisy in the PS
Puppies like Daisy stand little chance of survival in the public shelter
Daisy in the PS 2
By adopting Daisy Stephanie had literally saved her life

As you can see from the photos below, today, thanks to Stephanie, Daisy’s life couldn’t be more different from the squalor of the public shelter

Daisy today enjoying the good life
It’s hard to imagine how different Daisy’s life would have been in Romania

Daisy is one of the lucky ones.  In Romania there are occasional acts of kindness towards dogs, but sadly this isn’t the norm and many are still treated like ‘Street Rats’.   

Next time read the incredible, life changing story of Peanut, another Romanian dog taken from the depths of despair to find happiness and love with one of our wonderful adopters. 

If you have what it takes to transform a Romanian dog’s life, then please check out the ‘dogs available’ on our website and get in touch.  As usual, we’re full to bursting at Happy Tails so you won’t just be saving 1 dog, you’ll be freeing space for other desperate dogs waiting to have their lives transformed.

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