Imagine a place where dogs are treated more like vermin than companion animals and where every day is a constant struggle for survival.


8 month old Alisha was found close to death with a heavy chain and padlock around her neck that her owner hadn’t bothered to remove


Imagine a place where puppies are regarded as disposable commodities, unnecessary mouths to feed and are often dumped and left to fend for themselves.


William and Sidney
Emaciated, dehydrated and full of ticks, worms, flees and fly larvae, 6-8 week old puppies William and Sidney were found on a rubbish tip.  Our vet fought for hours to save them but sadly only Sidney survived.


Hemmie Lee and Beth (who died)
Hemmie, Lee and Beth were found by the side of the road on Christmas Eve in 2016.  Goodness knows how long they had been struggling to survive, but sadly little Beth (short for Bethlehem) didn’t make it and died on Christmas Day.


Difficult I know, but imagine a place where elderly dogs, who have served their owners faithfully for years, due to illness and exhaustion, are thrown out on the street. Their chains severed, they are dumped miles from home and have to cope on their own.


Blind, disorientated and alone, Charlie was found wandering around in circles on a busy road.


Tragically this is still the situation in Romania today a year after this article in the Daily Mail:

Extract from article in The Daily Mail. thousands of dreadfully abused, tortured, injured and diseased dogs – many close to death – have been subjected to ‘a life of hell’ on the streets of Romania.   

The only other alternative for these poor dogs is the government public shelters – also known as kill centers.  Again, little has changed in these places since the charity, Four Paws’ visit and the EU Parliamentary Debate below:


Four Paws. International Animal Charity“Dogs were kept in overcrowded wire cages with little shelter and no bedding just a wet concrete floor. The smell was overpowering and the noise deafening. Numerous faces pressed up against cages desperate to be free.”

Extract from an EU Parliamentary Debate on the Mistreatment of Dog in Romania.   “Evidence of dogs being kept without food or water….. We have photographic and film evidence that is too distressing for the press.”


 Happy Tails

Now imagine a place called Happy Tails, a hospital, kennels, isolation and recovery centre all rolled into one; a haven of care and kindness amidst the brutality of life on the streets or in the public shelter.

Imagine a place where the wellbeing of the fortunate dogs who end up there becomes the primary focus of all our fantastic volunteers.  A place where the dogs can recover and start their journey to finding wonderful forever homes.


Happy Tails2
The volunteers discussing the medical, diet and care plan of the latest emergency arrival


Miss Elli and dogs
However busy they are our volunteers always have time to cuddle the dogs

Happy Endings

Today, thanks to 1 Dog at a Time Rescue, hundreds of dogs including the survivors of this story have now found their little piece of heaven with their adopters:


Harvey's brother with haircut
Lee, in his smart new coat.



Hemmie playing with his Kong



Sidney at Xmas
Sidney enjoying his first Christmas


Charlie in heaven
Charlie chillaxing




Alisha, happy at last and almost unrecognisable from when we found her.


Remembering all the innocent souls like Beth and William who tragically didn’t have the opportunity to find their little piece of happiness.

If you have what it takes to transform a Romanian dog’s life, then please check out the ‘dogs available’ on our website and get in touch.  As usual, we’re full to bursting at Happy Tails so you won’t just be saving 1 dog, you’ll be freeing space for other desperate dogs waiting to have their lives transformed.

Dedicated to saving abandoned Romanian dogs and finding them loving homes

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