Jayne Watts and Crina Popescu, the founders of 1 Dog at a Time Rescue, are great examples of what you can achieve with the power of positive thinking.

Inspired by their experiences with a severely injured dog called Fozzy they found on a Romanian street, they started a charity called 1 Dog at a Time Rescue, opened a rescue centre called ‘Happy Tails’ and saved hundreds of other Romanian dogs from horrific conditions in public shelters and the streets.  Read the story of 1 Dog at a Time Rescue: https://1dogatatimerescue.wordpress.com/2016/12/13/the-story-of-1-dog-at-a-time-rescue/


20170305_154954 (3)
Crina Popescu and Jayne Watts – the inspiration behind the campaign to buy Happy Tails



The Campaign to Buy Happy Tails

 You think that would be enough for most people, but not for Crina and Jayne; it’s all about the dogs and doing the best they can for them.  Helped by our fantastic team of volunteers and supporters who work for 1 Dog at a Time Rescue in the UK and Romania, they have now set their sights on buying ‘Happy Tails’, the rescue centre we rent in Bistrita Nasaud.

Our landlord is selling up and we have a deadline of September 2017 to come up with the £70,000 purchase price or we could lose Happy Tails for ever.

To see where we are in the campaign or to donate, please click on:



Happy Tails1
The team at Happy Tails in Bistrita. Their work means the difference between life and death for abandoned Romanian dogs


Will we achieve our dream? 

“Happy Tails is central to everything we do and so it’s not a question of if we can save it, we have to,” says Jayne.  “Without Happy Tails there is no 1 Dog at a Time charity and we won’t be able to rescue dogs like Molly.   There will be no more ‘happy ever after stories’ for the dogs left behind in the public shelter or on the streets.   Their misery will continue.  


Molly in the PS
Molly, sad and dejected in the public shelter



Molly with Claire
…. and today having the time of her life in her wonderful forever home


How you can help

A donation from you will mean the difference between life and death for these dogs so please help:



1 Dog at a Time Rescue is a UK registered charity (number 1167007)