The Romanian dogs we rescue come in all shapes and sizes; from pedigrees to mongrels, from street dogs to abandoned pets.    Whatever type of dogs they are and whatever their tragic background, we aim to match them with suitable kind and loving homes.   This is only possible due to our wonderful rescue centre, Happy Tails in Bistrita Nasaud.  Without it we would have no where to take the dogs so that their wounds can be treated and they can recover from the unseen horrors that they have endured in the public shelters and the streets.

Below are just a few incredible rescue stories of some of the dogs that have found their forever homes thanks to the hard work and dedication of our volunteers at Happy Tails: 

Left out with the rubbish

William, a puppy rescued by 1 Dog at a Time, was found by our volunteers at the communal bins in Bistrita, a well-known place where locals dump unwanted dogs. Although he was starving at least he was still alive. His mum, who was found dead nearby, wasn’t so lucky.



William (3)
William alone after the death of his mother ..


William now
…. and today in his wonderful forever home


When Molly was discovered in the public shelter by our volunteers she was too traumatised by her past to do anything except sit at the back of her cage shaking.  Her abject fear of strangers and anything that resembled a stick were the only clues to her horrendous past and this little dog had to all intents and purposes shut down.  Today, thanks to the team at Happy Tails , Molly is now enjoying the good life with her family, plus two doggie pals from the charity and two Jack Russells.

Julia's Molly in the shelter1 (2) - Copy
Molly in the public shelter
Julias muddy Molly
…. and today, happy but muddy in woods near her home


Abandoned and pregnant by the side of the road


Bella by the side of the road
Crina finding Angel by the side of the road


On her way to work one morning Crina, the co founder of the charity, came across a small dog abandoned by the side of the road – not an unusual occurrence in Romania unfortunately.  Sometimes the abandoned dogs we rescue are understandably fearful of humans, given their brutal pasts. However, Angel, who was clearly very heavily pregnant, was just relieved to be taken to Happy Tails and to have somewhere warm, safe and quiet for the imminent birth of her puppies.

The puppies have now been adopted and for an unwanted dog Angel has now done very well for herself with not one but two homes; one with her owner, Jordane and another with Jordane’s mum whilst she’s at work.

Bella with pups
Angel’s puppies were born after her arrival at Happy Tails

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The Campaign to buy Happy Tails

Now it’s us that needs rescuing1 Dog at a Time has until September 2017 to find the  £70,000 purchase price to buy Happy Tails, our rescue centre that we’re currently renting in Bistrita Nasaud, Romania.   In a place where dogs are treated like vermin on the streets and in the public shelters (or kill centres as they are known), Happy Tails means the difference between life and death for these abandoned dogs.

Happy Tails 6
Happy Tails, our rescue centre in Bistrita Nasaud in Romania


Happy Tails1.JPG
The team at Happy Tails


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