It all started by accident, of course, in the same way that so many things do.

1 small dog in the dark, vulnerable and alone.  These types of things always happen under cover of darkness.  No one can see. No one will know, but the dog knew.  He knew alright. When they had finished with him he was left broken and maimed by the side of the road.

In another part of the town, a young Romanian woman hears of the small dog’s plight and then a series of unrelated events introduce an English woman into the mix.

The 2 women are Crina Popescu, a Romanian solicitor and Jayne Watts, who works for a UK airline.  2 ordinary women who are about to do something extraordinary.   Together they heal the 1 small dog, who is now a lot bigger and is called Fozzy and has become Jayne’s much loved pet.

That’s not all. Inspired by their experiences with Fozzy, Crina and Jayne form a charity called 1 Dog at a time Rescue UK and open ‘Happy Tails’, a wonderful rescue centre in Bistrita Nassaud where other Romanian dogs can come and be healed and loved and found their forever homes.  There are now teams of volunteers in the UK and Romania and, amazingly in just 2 short years, 250 dogs have been rescued from the horrors of the Government shelters and the Romanian streets.

……..and it all started with just 1 dog.


The dogs enjoying some much needed TLC at Happy Tails before they find their forever homes

Are you inspired too?

If so, then why not check us out via our website  or have a look at our Facebook page – 1 Dog at a Time Rescue UK.   We would love to hear from you if you can offer a Romanian dog a home, or if you are able to sponsor or foster a dog while they are waiting for their forever home.

 The 1 Dog at a time promise

 Although we have seen and photographed many disturbing images of dogs in Romania, we have made a conscious decision not to show them on our website and Facebook page so as not to upset people – particularly children.

 1 Dog at a Time Rescue is a UK registered charity (number 1167007)